WBSO Wadudu

WBSO Wadudu

A subsidy is available for companies and self-employed persons engaged in technical innovation under the Promotion of Research and Development Act (WBSO). The benefit of the WBSO is a tax deduction on the payroll tax.

Wadudu also makes use of this scheme, with the following projects:
– Sieve mealworm
– Sieve BSF
– Growth curve

Wadudu is eligible for the WBSO because the employees carry out research and development work (R&D).

Benefits of WBSO:

In practice, the scheme means that you pay less wage tax and national insurance contributions. Self-employed persons receive a fixed deduction for R&D. The WBSO benefit is calculated on the total R&D wage costs plus the other costs and expenses (or the fixed amount for costs and expenses). The benefit for payroll taxpayers is a reduction of the payroll tax of 32% (40% for starters) on the first € 350,000 of the total costs and expenditure in 2020. The majority of the reduction is 16%. As a self-employed person, you must make at least 500 R&D hours to be able to use the scheme.

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