“Venik” is the trade association that brings insect breeders together. Since 2008, Venik has been building a strong Dutch insect sector, they are committed to bringing insects to the market as an alternative protein source as a joint Dutch quality product. This product is food safe and is grown in accordance with the guidelines of the General Food Law.

Venik stands for



Conversation partner

Strong together

The trade association Venik provides information to consumers and companies. Venik is the discussion partner for knowledge institutions, government and the media. Venik stimulates research by collaborating with knowledge institutions, promotes knowledge exchange, develops new products in a cooperative and is building a mutual strategy to conquer both the Dutch and international market.

In short, jointly propagate a vision and let the industry grow faster through collaboration. Strong together!

Venik & Wadudu

Wadudu is one of the participants of the trade association Venik. In addition to being a participant, Wadudu also contributes to the board. Janmar Katoele – Elling is secretary of the association.

Are you an insect farmer or interested and are you interested in the activities of the association? Please contact or take a look at the website.

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