Symposium Porculum

Symposium Porculum

Symposium Porculum Wageningen

On Tuesday 10 October, study association Porculum is organizing the symposium with the theme ‘Flexitarian: the menu of 2030?’ In honor of its 25th anniversary, the association for intensive livestock farming will try to offer (prospective) entrepreneurs and others working in the agricultural sector. The theme is inspired by the changing diet of mankind, with perspectives and future predictions from different sectors. Chairman of the day Jacques van Outryve will take us through the symposium with his Flemish accent and worldwide knowledge.

Speakers Dé van de Riet, Janmar Katoele and Jaap Korteweg, on the other hand, give us an insight into their specific sector, whether meat products, insect farming or vegetarian products. Will these three sectors proportionately include our meals in 15 years? Or will one of the three feed by far the most mouths? And does this only apply to the Netherlands? Or will there be a certain trend worldwide?

We hope to be able to answer these and more questions during the symposium and the discussion. In this way we want to find out how those present will respond to the changing menu of the future.

So are you a student, agricultural entrepreneur, advisor or otherwise involved in our food production? Then share your opinion on October 10 and register via the link below!



Start and location of the symposium:

  • 15.30 , Orion gebouw 103, Bronland 1, 6708 WH Wageningen

Other information

Below you will find the poster with, among other things, entrance fees (including food and drinks), sponsors and the full program.

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