Why we research

At Wadudu we believe in Open Innovation. Research simply gets this sector further. Because of Universities, other breeding facilities and motivated entrepreneurs we have grown a lot in recent years. Now we are facing the future; more research is needed! We will continue to help this sector grow, producing more results benefiting the sector.

What we research

At Wadudu we have a broad scale of projects. Together with our partners we research insects themselves, insects for poultry feed, automatisation as well as the housing of the insect and how to reproduce them in the most efficient way. Our partners enable us to innovate in an open source style, for we are stronger together. Want to contribute to Open Innovation? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

In Europe pigs and chickens can now eat insects

Farmers in Europe can now give their chickens and pigs, insects as nutrition, a more sustainable source of protein. Insects such as mealworms, crickets and locusts are now officially safe to consume.

European Parliament: use of insects as feed for pigs and chickens allowed

The European Parliament gives green light for using processed animal proteins (PAPs) for monogastric animals. Insect proteins are currently approved for use in aquaculture feed and for pet food, but not for poultry and pigs. Insects have long been talked about as a more sustainable replacement for arable crops such as soya in animal feed, […]

Our partners

If nothing is set in stone, anything is possible.