What we produce

Wadudu is producing mealworms. We grow these to support our research, our production level is what we call experimental. During our production cycles we constantly are adjusting temperature, climate, feed and housing of the insects. We measure our results to contribute to a better process. The actual result of our production are live insects. More on our live insects and prices is found here.


With Wadudu you are not at your every day breeder. Our goal is to be a a rearing facility focused on reproduction only. It would be comparable to a hatchery.

How we produce


Our mealworm production takes place in what we call breeding cells. To be more efficient we divided up our process into the steps of the mealworm cycle. Our mealworms are raised on a ‘bed’ of bran, fed with delicious carrots and raised by our breeding team. They continue to strive for perfection.

More information?

Curious to see more about breeding insects? Check out our YouTube channel on the right! You’ll find more videos from our facility as well as some tips and tricks!

Started breeding yourself but running into problems? Check out our advice page.

A flight through our facility