Food of the future from Beilen

Food of the future from Beilen

Food of the future from Beilen

They taste like nothing and get stuck in your teeth. Still, mealworms and other insects are the food of the future.

At least that is what more and more people think. Janmar Katoele from Beilen is so convinced that he devotes his entire future to it. The young entrepreneur cautiously started growing mealworms in 2015, because of their enormous protein content. Now he has a company where seven people continuously work on breeding insects: Insect Center Wadudu.

Deputy Henk Jumelet and alderman Gerard Lohuis of Midden-Drenthe will work together to officially open the company at Noordveen, because both the province and the municipality are extremely proud of what they call an innovation in the field of agriculture.

Big words

Janmar Katoele uses big words when he explains what he is doing. Bringing a new balance to world food production. We are all busy eating the world.

Read the full article in the newspaper van het noord here.

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Voedsel van de toekomst uit Beilen

Beilen, 20 april 2017
(Foto: Hans Roggen)


Bron artikel: Dagblad van het Noorden.