Knowledge & Advice

We base our advice on Open Innovation. Are you interested in starting with insects but not sure how or where to start? Join us at the coffee table to discuss your options. Already found a suitable location? We can guide your process from start to finish. Rearing in The Netherlands? We offer assistance with grants.

Dutch Knowledge sessions

What you can expect when joining us in Beilen:

  • time for all your questions
  • Personal attention for your situation & input
  • Explanation of the insects, the sector & possibilities
  • Future steps explained

When can we welcome you?

To reserve your spot simply click one of the events. On the right side of the event-page you can claim your chair for that date.

To keep the quality of our sessions up we decided to have a maximum of 7 participants. This way we can guarantee the desired quality of our sessions as well as give everyone enough time for questions. We look forward to seeing you in Beilen.


Wadudu is broadening its horizon. It is possible to schedule an online session to discuss the possibilities. Send us an email at for more information!


It is also possible to make a telephone / skype appointment for your questions about breeding Black Soldier Flies & mealworms.

Advice at your door

We can assist not only from the comfort of our office. We offer company visits to give advice and help shape the future of your insect farm. If desired we offer guidance on every aspect of your breeding facility and can even enter a partner program with the possibility to resell your mealworms or Black Soldier Flies to us.

Feel free to inquire! No strings attached.

What others are saying about Wadudu


‘In the context of the protein transition in the Northern Netherlands, we want to increase the share of animal protein from 60 to 40 percent and vegetable protein from 40 to 60 percent. Wadudu is not to be underestimated a source of knowledge in that process, a pearl that is still in the shell. You should know that humans without animal proteins have a health challenge. Wadudu plays a role in that combination of proteins. Now they deliver for Feed (ed.), Later for food and who knows, in the very long term for pharmaceuticals. ‘

Joep de Vries, Business Developer Nom


MKB Fonds Drenthe

‘Wadudu has a lot of expertise. The company plays a serious role in the protein transition. Wadudu is like a hatchery in a poultry farm, they hatch the eggs. The entrepreneur started with an idea and it is very clever how it has expanded into production. International parties come to get advice. Currently, production is still mainly for animal food, but soon that protein will also be part of human food ‘.

Dave de Groot, Investment Manager SME Fund Drenthe


Partnership Entofarm with Wadudu goes very well.

Before we made the choice to start rearing insects we already received very good advice. They told us regularly: “Just start, that will give the best learning experience.” After eating our first insects on the Open Visitor Day at Wadudu, things went fast. Eggs and larvae were supplied, any question we had during the rearing processed were answered with precision. The location was visited to give advice fit for our production site, even until the very last phase of rearing. In short; a good partner to work with.


Han Hazekamp


‘We immediately noticed the knowledge and skills the company had already acquired.’

We got to know Wadudu at the Edible Insect Seminar & Workshop in Wageningen, they were still booting up production back then. We immediately noticed the knowledge and skills the company had already acquired. The fact they grew out to a real insect center is no surprise to us. Especially their vision on open innovation makes them a big contribution to this relatively new insect sector.

 Lotte Frooninckx