Our Three Pillars

Wadudu is built on three pillars: Research, Production & Advice. The production done is to support our research. Obviously we are not doing that alone. We work together with other insect farmers, feed producers, universities, research centers as well as other insect farms, breeding facilities and insect believers in general across Europe.



This is how we do that


Production is the base of our research. This is where we bring our knowledge into the world. On a space of over 200m² we raise two kinds of insects. Most of the space is currently used up by our mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor). The last part is filled by our Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens).

These two types of insects can contribute greatly to our current and future society. They are no threat to the Western European ecosystem, which means they can be produced without changes to the current ecosystem.

During our production we are constantly tweaking the amount of food, the climate the insects live in as well as humidity levels. This all contributes to the research that we do. Results of our production and testing are taken with us when we give advice.

Looking to grow your own mealworms or Black Soldier Flies? More information on sales is found here.


Wadudu is focusing on research of both mealworms and Black Soldier Flies. Together with multiple partners we are trying to bring this sector to adulthood.

Development of the supply chain is a necessity to make insect rearing feasible for anyone. Lots of research is being done towards rearing, growth of insects & optimizing food input. Another field of research is automatization. More on our research projects here.

The sector of insect breeders needs development. We are convinced that a open, honest and transparent way of running a business can contribute greatly. Our transparency shows in Open Innovation and partnerships outside of our sector.

For more information on sharing knowledge click here.


The third pillar that supports Wadudu is Advice. We supply other breeders and those interested with knowledge and advice. This is currently happening for both existing companies as well as people wanting to start in our sector.

Over the years we had many requests to share our knowledge or to show people around in our facility. Questions ranged from very basic to extremely complex. We support and work with others in our sector, research centers and universities. Besides knowledge on site we also offer the opportunity to look around our own facility. We call these ‘Knowledge Sessions’. In small groups (maximum of 7 people) we explain how Wadudu works and what options you have to start for yourself. We are an open book, our goal is to make your rearing a success.

We believe in a stronger insect sector by sharing information and innovating. More information on our Knowledge Sessions and possibilities you can find on our Advice page.

Our Team:

  • Janmar Katoele – Elling
  • Laura Katoele – Elling
  • Sieto van Houten
  • Karin van Houten
  • Sarisa Sapulette
  • Duco van der Zalm
  • Ria Huisman
  • Jos Daalman
  • Theo Schuman
  • Habte Araya
  • Maxime Latumaelissa
  • Johnny de Boo
  • Zsolt Sipos
  • Halil Güngör
  • Richard Spijker
  • Peter Faber
  • Kimberley Maat
  • Katherine Syrik
  • Adnan Hussein
  • Griffy Ririmasse
  • Erjan Udding