What we do

Wadudu Insect Center combines rearing, research and advice to reach a sustainable sector in North-West Europe. Sustainable by creating a circular protein. Economically interesting by contributing to building our sector. We want to add to the connection between breeders, processors and customer to be a part of a transparent food chain.

Who we are

The idea for starting Wadudu came about in 2012. Janmar started with 1m² in the old shower of our current office building. Starting 2015 the production really scaled up, the current picture is completed by Sieto van Houten joining Wadudu as a third partner next to Janmar and Laura Katoele. The company has a current size of 10 employees working in a 250m² facility. We are currently working on expanding to over 2000m²! Wadudu is a big supporter of Open Innovation, we believe in working together and being transparent while we do so.

What we can do for you

As farmer: Advice & support with all of the insect rearing aspects. This includes buying and selling of insects.

As customer: We offer mealworms and Black Soldier Flies. You can find our prices here.

As partner or researcher: Our breeding facility is perfect for both research and the production of mealworms and Black Soldier Flies. Are you thinking of an experiment but lack a location? Wadudu is your partner. Take a look at our previous research here.

What we stand for

Wadudu comes from the Swahili for insect. That’s what it literally stands for.  We believe Wadudu stands for Open Innovation, working together and growing together. Based off Production, Research and Advice Wadudu aims to bring the insect-sector to adulthood. We can not do this alone, we are working with entrepreneurs, researchers and government to make it happen.

Knowledge sessions

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